Watch Jasmine perform a screen test in a general American Accent using her own color coding technique.

In the day and age of self tapping auditions, a strong American accent is a vital tool for any aspiring or professional actor.

Jasmine has been teaching one on one and group dialect sessions in Melbourne for over 4 years, both privately and for Melbourne Actors Lab.

Jasmine teaches a color coding method that trains the mind to remember certain sounds with certain colors. This method can be easily taught to both adults and children. 

Jasmine focuses on areas such as accent vocal placement, sounds, accent memory techniques, how to color code sounds, choosing appropriate monologues and scenes, and techniques for acting authentically in a foreign accent.

Student Feedback

"Jasmine's attention to detail and her ability to break down concepts makes it easy for kids/teens to quickly master new dialects. Her excellent communication skills and encouraging nature keeps learning fun while mastering accents." - Michael McBrearty (Felix's Dad)

"Thank you so much for your wonderful work Jasmine! After your session with Heidi she practiced and practiced and her acting coach was over the moon when she came back to her! We will keep you updated on whether or not she gets the part. Thank you again!" - Phillipa (Heidi's Mum)

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